The Wrestlers

Lonnie Valdez

The high flying superstar of LLL always leaves the fans cheering on their feet. The main event almost feels empty without a Lonnie Valdez moonsault knocking several opponents to the […]

Sammy Six Guns Jr.

Size. Skill. Attitude. Former NxT/WWE star Sammy Six Guns Jr has it all. Whether he’s insulting his foes on the mic, or delivering a devastating Razors Edge in the center […]

Mike Sydal

Whether he’s flying through the air with his patented YogaSault, or stretching someone to the point of submission with his Namaste Lock, The Yoga Monster uses his flexibility as a […]

Allie Gato

The first LLL women’s champion steamrolled through a murderer’s row of   competition to capture the belt. Never one to be taken lightly, Allie Gato is every lady’s worst nightmare to […]

Sage Sin

The Fearsome Pumpkin Queen of Wrestling, Sage Sin brings her special brand of brutality to the ring, much to the horror of her opponents!

Leva Bates

The cosplay star of pro wrestling, Leva Bates is as unpredictable in her ever entertaining entrances, as she is with her attacks in the ring. It’s always a party when […]


Japan’s king of comedy wrestling has become a mainstay here at LLL. With his in ring skills and endless silliness, he won over the audience the second he stepped foot […]

Martin Casaus

Martin Casaus has long been a fixture of professional wrestling in the Rocky Mountain region. Now, as a bona fide TV star on El Rey’s Lucha Underground, Casaus often returns […]

Royce Isaacs

As dangerous as he is arrogant, LLL’s powerhouse star knows how to make an entrance with his white fur coat and swagger. When asked about himself, Royce Isaacs said “I’m […]

Colt Cabana

Possibly the biggest independent wrestling star in the United States, Cabana also hosts The Art of Wrestling Podcast when he’s not too busy kicking ass in the ring. Whether he’s […]