The first of two title matches features Lucha champion Elektro Mxw vs Tony Ortega vs former champ Golden Star! Who will walk away with the title, and what will guest commentator Janae Burris say about the affair? Be there to find out!

Past Events:

Free family fun with the zombie horde! Makeup Effects Competition! Zombie Fashion Show!
Come on down to the Zombie zone on 10/17 at the Pavillions! Fun will be had!

KA-BLAMO! Lucha Libre & Laughs returns to the Oriental Theater on Sunday, September 13th!
Johnny Crash defends his belt against Rival Chris Wrath!
Sammy Six Guns jr & Danger Dean vs Lonnie Valdez & Caleb Crush!
Headlining comedian Marty DeRosa (Worst promo ever, Wrestling With Depression podcast)
Be there!

Tuesday, August 18th. Free show! So far we’ve announced Adan Reyes vs Ronin, and a triple threat with Bruce Rogers vs Miracle that is Tony vs Prodigee! Three more matches, with Sam and Nathan on commentary!